Wednesday, June 30, 2010

World Cup football banners: A visual treat! Part V

One more for the Brazil fans!

Lots of action in the Banner.

On one side Maradonna kissing the hand of Ronaldinho and saying "Oh God, Now even if I die its ok!". Next to that one Argentina player begging to one Brazil guy, "Please don't thrash us any more" and another guy telling "Guys, lets go, its Brazil".
In the middle there is this 6 pointers on why they like Brazil, all statistics on how many times Brazil defeated Argentina!

To be continued..

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Mustafa Quilon said...

I just came back from calicut. It was a very short trip and the fan following of these people amazed me. I didn't find any time to click or document this. Some banners were funny but it really showed the passion of the Keralaites for football. I heard the fans gather in BIG groups to watch their favorite team's matches. The clubs are mostly for Argentina & Brazil. I saw some English(A BIG rooney cut-out) & portugal flags too.

The corporates & government should be looking at this as an opportunity and put more money into Indian Football!