Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 2,3: Malappuram, Aricode and Calicut
Die hard football fans of Malabar! Part I

Throughout my trip in Malabar, I met some real die hard fans of football. They are ready to go to any extent to enjoy the World cup football season. I heard of some people coming from gulf, resigning their jobs, reason? they did not get leave. Lets meet some interesting football fans from Malabar!

Subi from Calicut.who rents out tarpaulin and chairs.

Came up with this interesting concept, he covered his roof top with tarpaulin and made it an indoor stadium!

With two TVs inside, one cable connection and the other DTH. There is a generator also. No way you can miss a match!

The Brazil van at Aricode!, covered with Brazil flags!

The youngest (and cutest) Brazilian fan, met this little fellow at Aricode.

The Argentina Car!

Jabbar with his Argentina Bike, a regular fan in all World cup special road shows, met him at Aricode.

Met this hard core Brazil fan at Puthiyathani, a place near Kotakkal in Malappuram dist. He has spent almost Rs. 900 for stickering his bike.

To be continued.....

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