Saturday, June 19, 2010

Football World cup live shows in Malabar

Once the matches are started you can hardly see a person in the streets, what you see is a bunch of people glued to TV. Now based on the convenience and financial capability the arrangements vary.

Ride-in live show

This is the most common scene through out the region! Either you buy a TV or hire it

Shutters will come down by 5pm, the time when the first match will start. Just place the LCD and DTH set,

just drive in your bike and enjoy the matches!

Drive-in live shows!

Now little more sophistication!

For the affluent ones, come in car with food and enjoy the matches!

I happened to read from the paper that World cup matches were showing live in a theatre named Rachana in Kootnad, a town in Palakkad District. So thought will have a look at the place.

The big banner announcing the live show of matches!

Sajesh, the person who has arranged the show has taken the theatre for a month for a rent of Rs 15,000. He is planning to show 60 of 64 matches of this World cup.

During last World cup also he showed the matches in big screen, but that was in a theatre in neighbouring Thrissur District and he lost money. This time he chose a place having hard core football fans. So he thinks he will make some profit this time around. Sajesh explaining the mechanism. DTH is kept and matches are shown from it.

Charges are quite reasonable, Rs 20 for one match.He arranged a special show for me, the highlights of Brazil's first match!

Sajesh guarantees that it's a house full during Argentina and Brazil matches Complimentary pass for the show!

Roof top theatre!

Now an interesting arrangement in Calicut!

Subi is a hard core football fan. He is in to the business of renting out tarpaulin and chairs. So he came up with this interesting concept, he covered his roof top with tarpaulin and made it an indoor stadium!

There are two TVs, for safety reason. One has the normal cable connection and the other one connected to DTH. There is a generator also."I want to make sure that come what may I will not miss a match", says Subi!

Now this is free for all, and by evening around 40 people will assemble and enjoy the matches.
Gallery at puthiyapalam

But the most impressive arrangement for the live football show I saw was in a place called Puthiyapalam in Calicut District.

The banner announcing the show, reads, "watch the World cup football matches sitting inside the stadium in Puthiyapalam, not South Africa".

The football fans' of Puthiyapalam along with Mathrubhumi, one of leading Malayalam dailies have come up with this wonderful idea! The entrance to the gallery!

Probably this is the only place other than the stadium where you can sit in a gallery and see the matches!The gallery can accommodate around 500 people. The greatest highlight is that its absolutely free show!

View from the gallery!People come from far distance to see the matches. They have also arranged some contests like predict the winner. Firos Khan the president of the club says "once you come and see the matches here you will never sit in front of the TV again". Now after seeing all these arrangements I think so!There is nothing like seeing the matches with your friends

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