Thursday, November 29, 2007

My adventures with ICICI Bank

My debit card expired and as everybody does I booked a new one. New card duly arrived. I went to nearby Bank branch for activation of Card (I did not want to try my luck in help lines) but there I was connected to helpline and the person asked me some 20 odd questions, right from My name, mother’s maiden name, nominee’s name, neighbor’s name and what more. At last the most trickiest question. He wanted my cheque number and I did not have the cheque book. So he politely asked me to have a cheque leaf with me next time I call ICICI bank. I was heartbroken and with no other choice left the bank.

Next day I was all geared up and well equipped . I took my cheque book, new ATM card and reached bank. Again I was connected to helpline. This time to my surprise the person asked just 4 questions, no need of cheque numbers and whole list of names.

I remembered their tag line “Hum hai na”(We are here) what for? To confuse the customer? or harass them?

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Art of Begging!!

We Indians lack creativity, or at least not at par with other countries for sure. Indian advertising is ranked 21 in the world. This applicable to desi beggars also. Have a look at this person and the reason for why he wants money.

After an year also he is consistent

After all why he wants his wife to come back????