Thursday, April 16, 2009

High Tech election 2009

First phase of voting has started and this time election throughout India has become high tech.

First Tata Tea’s ‘Jaagore’ asked youngsters to come and vote. Followed was ‘Yes We can, we will ‘campaign, remember US election? Major national parties have TVC (TV Commercials) airing across the channels. Internet campaign is also in full swing. Banners like this is common in most of sites

Today I received a mail from twitter saying “ Vote for Sarath Babu" is now following you on Twitter! Now Sarath Babu, owner of food chain, Food king Pvt Ltd, an IIM graduate, son of a poor lady who used to sell ‘Idllis’ is contesting 2009 Lok Sabha elections.Now Twitter is a good medium where you meet lots of youngsters. Initial polling percentages shows that more number of people has voted compared to 2004 elections that too youngsters. It seems Going hi-tech has had an effect.