Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kshatriyam gettogether, A fresh start!!!

Myself and my younger brother, Sabareesh reached Banglore Cantonment Station at 4:15a.m, by 4:35 Vijay Kerala Varma came to pick us.

I found Viju to be friendly and caring. There is a nice soul inside this Giant body for sure

Venue : A J International

Surprised to see this!!!

One thing I noticed in the meet was that from the very beginning, all behaved as if they know each other for a very long time.

As usual with any meeting, we started with a prayer!

Rajeev Kumar gave the agenda, Viju welcomed everyone and started the discussion, Vishnu Das added some more points.

We discussed about widening the scope of Kshatriyam community, i.e how to come out from games, polls and more games!!!!

Group photo!!

What next? This discussion is not about Kshatriyam, but about where to go?

It was a wonderful experience, meeting people with whom, for a long time you have been Scrapping, chatting and sometimes arguing.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

GANDHIGIRI at its best!

Dr. Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and founder of the M.K.Gand hi Institute for Non-violence, in his June 9 lecture at the University of Puerto Rico, shared the following story:
I was 16 years old and living with my parents at the institute my grandfather had founded 18 miles outside of Durban, South Africa, in the middle of the sugar plantations.
We were deep in the country and had no neighbours, so my two sisters and I would always look forward to going to town to visit friends or go to the movies.
One day, my father asked me to drive him to town for an all-day conference, and I jumped at the chance. Since I was going to town, my mother gave me a list of groceries she needed and, since I had all day in town
My father asked me to take care of several pending chores, such as getting the car serviced.
When I dropped my father off that morning, he said, "I will meet you here at 5:00 p.m., and we will go home together."
After hurriedly completing my chores, I went straight to the nearest movie theatre. I got so engrossed in a John Wayne double-feature that I forgot the time. It was 5:30 before I remembered. By the time I ran to the garage and got the car and hurried to where my father was waiting for me, it was almost 6:00.
He anxiously asked me, "Why were you late?"
I was so ashamed of telling him I was watching a John Wayne western movie that I said, "The car wasn't ready, so I had to wait," not realizing that he had already called the garage.
When he caught me in the lie, he said: "There's something wrong in the way I brought you up that didn't give you the confidence to tell me the truth. In order to figure out where I went wrong with you, I'm going to walk home 18 miles and think about it."
So, dressed in his suit and dress shoes, he began to walk home in the dark on mostly unpaved, unlit roads. I couldn't leave him, so for five-and-a-half hours I drove behind him, watching my father go through this agony for a stupid lie that I uttered. I decided then and there that I was never going to lie again.
I often think about that episode and wonder, if he had punished me the way we punish our children, whether I would have learned a lesson at all. I don't think so. I would have suffered the punishment and gone on doing the same thing.
But this single non - violent action was so powerful that it is still as if it happened yesterday. That is the power of non-violence.

Thanks to Anandettan who shared this story

Monday, July 02, 2007

Lord Shiva and Kyoto protocol

Lord Shiva’s kailasam (where he stays) was bustling with activities from the very morning. The news came as an absolute shocker to everybody. The ice Shiva lingam at Amaranth cave has melted away completely on the very first day of pilgrimage!!!One of the Bhudhagana (his army) was frantically reading amendments made at Kyoto protocol convention. The question lingering in everybody’s mind was, has all the signatories started doing anything against climate change? It is said that Global warming caused Ice Shivalingam at Amarnath to melt away.
Thousand of devotees from different part of India visit Amarnath cave temple to have darshan of ice Shiva lingam. Lord Shiva was a worried God. I can’t even bless my devotees? What have I done? Or is it that my devotees don’t deserve this darshan? Yes, its all because of their mistakes, Lord thought. Humans have started destroying the nature for his selfish motives. They are not only making their lives miserable but mine also. Was this the beginning of the end? Lord was even more worried after thinking all this!