Monday, June 07, 2010

The Sapling project: Chennai chapter

Last time the Sapling project happened in only one place in Chennai (read) but June edition we managed in two places

Radhakrishnan,who organised the people and arranged saplings from Isha nursery at Madhavaram, North Chennai

Jagan of Space, who collected the saplings. They are planning to plant a 1000 different varieties of saplings in a place near Chennai. I am getting some info from him.

Isha nursery at Madhavaram

Samuel Eddy,Sapling project mentor,handing over Saplings to one of group members!

The Saplings all packed and ready!

From Madhavaram the team came back to Chennai, at Horticulture nursery, to pick saplings for distribution inside Chennai city!

Samuel Eddy,along with the Organisers, Rajasekar Nonburaj and Magesh. Eddy was a planter for almost 15 years, helped in picking up the right saplings.

I have not seen so much greenery inside Chennai city!

Lots of fresh air, different sounds of birds.

And drizzling,It was really a much needed break!

The saplings collected from Horticulture centre, kept at Housing Board colony at Royapetah, Saplings eagerly waiting to get picked!

Within 10 minutes people came and collected the saplings!

Good to see the saplings planted!And come July its going to be even Bigger, Better and lot more Greener!

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Shrinidhi Hande said...

A very good initiative