Saturday, June 05, 2010

Social Media Club, Chennai

June month sessions by

Jayashree Ramasubramanian and Bharath Moro!

Jayashree Ramasubramaniam,Web Marketing Manager at Intuit and ex-Googler, started her session by asking "some of you must be thinking why did these guys quit Google?", actually I had this in my mind, because Google is the most Googliest company and why should somebody leave a company like Google?

Jayashree's session was her perspectives of Social Media Strategies at Intuit. She shared various concepts like freemium, humanising the brand at team turbotax where one can meet the team members. The thought leadership concept, bringing together the small businesses in U.K

The all round contribution of various social media activities.

One of the observation she had about social media was, in social media people are never on a buying mode, they either socialise or do research.

Bharath Moro, ex-Googler (again the same thought! why leave Google?) and now Independent Consultant talked about Social Media and Search. His points were

The concept of social SEO, how to use ones friends/ networking/
power users/communities and influencers to spread the message/idea

Do not expect high ranking for the site as soon as you upload it! it takes time.

Top 10 incredible audio illusions, Top 15 green websites, got it?

Bharat is very passionate about trains, its colours, coach numbers, photographing it, now he thought he was the only nut in the whole World (his mother was little worried it seems seeing his passion) then he went and found around 500 other nuts in a group named Indian Railways Fan Club

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