Friday, December 15, 2006

2006 was a year of lots of “Giris”; first it was “Gandhigiri” in Lage raho Munnabahi, a Hindi film that popularized Gandhian philosophies and now its time for another "GIRI"…..

While coming to office today morning, my wife showed me a hoarding and it was written time for “DADAGIRI”. The topic was about the return of Saurav Ganguly, fondly called “Dada”, to Indian cricket after a gap of 10 months. Now his reentry in to the team has brought some hopes among millions of cricket fans all over India. Our team is undergoing another bad phase and “Dada” has immense pressure on him.

Now according to me what “DADAGIRI” means the "killer instinct" Saurav had injected into Indian team when he was the captain and our recent performance showed that we lacked this “killer instinct”. Motivation: A hell lot of young talents blossomed under him and he had this uncanny talent of raising the performance of the team, if not his and all India would agree that our Indian cricket team badly need some motivation
Above all this he is a true “Leader” and do we have one right now?

So will “Dadagiri” work again?? Let’s wait and see!!!!

Ooo Aaaa DADA, Aaya DADA

Thursday, November 23, 2006

As per Rig Veda, PARJANYA is the rain-God and if we go to ancient Mayan civilization, they have 'Chac' as the God of rain and lightning. Indra, the "King of the Gods" is a sky God. His golden chariot is the Sun. He uses his hammer to break up the clouds to make rain. On Nov 22, 2006 he did not hammer the clouds that were up there in Durban, South Africa and the Indian cricket team and millions of fans in India are upset if not angry with Indra!!!

Normally Indra helps the team. Be it in Srilanka or India, for the past some months the rain God was with Indian cricket team. Wherever our team went he was there with his hammer. As a result of his performance we have not lost many matches in the recent past (prerequisite for winning or losing a match is, as we all know the teams should play)
Even in South Africa on Nov19 he helped us. The match was abandoned due to bad weather. But on 22nd Indra took a leave and as usual the same result.

O Indra, drinker of Soma!!! Why did you leave us?? Why no rain in Durban??
Please have mercy on us!!!

Your hammer speaks louder than our cricketer’s bats!!!!

So let water flow freely!!! Because you are the only solace for us!!
Sole solace for a ‘Bluebillion!!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

OCT 14, 2006 was a very special day for all "Pakothians". That day we celebrated the "Sapthathi" (70th birthday) of our "Karanavar" Mohannamavan (K.L Mohana Varma, noted novelist and present Chief Editor of "Vikshanam," Malayalam daily). We also had the review meeting for the forthcoming "Book on Pakoth".
8:30 A.M, Woodlands hotel.
So much of planning had gone into organizing this event. The planning committee had three members who had done Postgraduate program in Business Administration from well reputed Business schools in India. All the family members were supposed to meet at Woodlands for breakfast at 8:30 but by the time we reached there, we saw hotel missing. There was no trace of “Woodlands”, even the billboard had been removed? After seeing this (that there is no woodlands), everybody's appetite got increased. Next destination was “Planet Yum”. When we reached there the security told us that by 11:00 only the restaurant would open. After that we went to “Malgudi” but in vain. Finally, dejected, hungry, we decided to go to RR farms, where the function was arranged.

Krishnanmmavan, (K.L Sree Krishna Das) was the first to notice, the banner showed "SAPTHADI" meaning 'seven beatings/slaps or even shocks, was breakfast the first one?

The banner that surprised everybody!!!!

Everybody was so hungry that we started eating the breads/chips and what ever we could get nearby.

Oh what was that? Mohanammavan in deep thought....

At last break fast came. Thanks to Suresh varma and Sooraj Varma. Sureshettan's expression showed everything.

Anand Varma and Suresh Varma : "Punchiri"(smiling) competition

P.K Nandana Varma, Suresh Varma, Dhananjayan, K.L Sree Krishna Das and K.L Mohana Varma, and this time sureshettan was the target!!!!!!!

Myself with the "Hero"of the day.

The pakoth family

Mementos and Mohannamavan's novels

The generation next Pakothians!!!

Chabby's (Sabareesh) skit was a super hit

All I want to tell you people................

Honey chettan (Sanal Varma), Preethi and Samthript, the youngest ‘Pakothian’ present at the function, leaving to Pondy.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

“Lage raho Mahatmaji"..

Mahatma Gandhi is being reinvented. This time to suite the 'generation next'. He is there in T-shirts, coffee mugs and God knows where else. Couple of weeks ago a leading news daily, in its survey conducted among top Business school students and CEOs of multi nationals found out that Bill Gates is bigger icon than Mahatma today. 56% felt Bapu needed a makeover. They want Bapu (in denim jeans) as a hero in a comic book, does good things to people around. "Lage Raho Munnabai", latest Hindi film, to a certain extend has succeeded in reinventing 'Mahatma'. In the film the gangster hero tries to solve his problems (and later others also) in Gandhian principles and finds success. The film is all about discovering the “Gandhi” within one self. M.G Parameswaran, Executive Director and CEO, FCB-ULKA Advertising, feels "Brand Gandhi" could be built by connecting to the younger generation in three ways- to be proud of our heritage, to have confidence to face the world and to think different. Mahatma Gandhi has come out of History text books and Film Division reels. One thing is for sure "Modern Mahatma" is here and he is the latest youth icon. “Lage raho Mahatmaji...”

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Nandanananu Tharam

My dad always used to surprise me with his association in various fields. Be it the role of a “Trade unionist” or “Sai devotee”, be it a short story writer or a serial director. Once again he has surprised me!!! This time he has ventured in to films. His new role is neither a script writer nor a director but as an ACTOR. For him, he has just graduated from a serial actor (he has played the role of ‘Ramapurathu Warrier’ in “Ithihya mala”) to a film actor.

He is at present busy in the shooting location of “Pothen Vava”, the much awaited film starring Mammooty. The director is Joshy.

It’s quite difficult nowadays to imagine the fields he might venture into. The best we can do is to just keep watching and if possible counting.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Mudiyanaya Kuttan (Idea taken from news of stripping 'Planet ' status of 'Pluto' )
AUG 24, 2006 was the date that changed the life of 'kuttan'. He has been thrown out of 'tharavadu'. He was totally shattered. Kuttan was the youngest member in the 'tharavadu'. From the very beginning kuttan kept a distance from all other members particularly 'Adithyan' the 'karanavar' of the tharavadu. Kuttan had his own tastes,choices and always chose his path. grapevine is that 'Bhuminath', the decision maker in the tharavadu was behind the ouster of 'Kuttan'. According to him 'Kuttan' was never a deciplined member always deviated from his path and was never an influential member. Adithyan had little say in the decision taken by Bhuminath. 'Karanavar' was equally shattered and now he feels he could have given some more warmth and affection to 'Kuttan'. Adithyan feels everyone in the 'tharavadu' has done injustice to him. But his mind was saying to him that one day 'Kuttan' will come back and he is now waiting for that day.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Three hungry men, some idlys and a project.

I personally never believed or even thought that 'idlys' are or can become a delicacy. But after stepping into "Murugan idly shop" in T.Nagar,i slowly started believing that eating idly is the "most blissful affair",even if you don't feel,its been promoted like that.That's Murugan idly shop's USP,(Unique selling proposition). People patiently wait outside for 20-30 minutes to have few idlys.But whether due to the good deeds we have done in our previous life. i don't know we got the seat without much wait. "Book On Pakoth" first meeting happened in "Murugan idly shop". Babu chettan,sureshettan and myself were present, poor juju(sooraj) missed the idllys @ Murugans and the talk. Babu chettan while having his first set of idlys started the conversation. As part of his recent trip to kerala, he visited Mohananamavan also and mohananamavan gave an idea of bringing a book on family tree of Pakoth. The idea was superb and challenging We discussed about how a book on pakoth heritage could be brought,how to collect the materials, Who knows about what and how much. and what are the other possible challenges in the project. As the excitement of the discussion increased, our intake of idlys also increased. At some point of time,sureshettan( for a change) even switched to a couple of dosas. After some time we got so engrossed in the talk that we got equally confused and tired( because of the talk and idly intake)we called our mohananamavan. He gave an idea of how to kick start the project and rest is HISTORY

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Gods must be thirsty

After 11 long years idols of various gods started drinking milk. Last time this phenomenon was reported in 1995. The possible questions one could ask is why 11 years? what were they drinking if not milk? or did we not try offering( read feeding) them milk for these long years? don't tell that there is no milk. Prof Verghese Kurian and his AMUL will disagree. Prof Yaspal says its nothing but capillary action. Next time when the milk you offered to your favourite god is found missing don't complain the poor cat, the cat might have offered the milk(some part) to GOD to get more rats, GODS MUST BE THIRSTY!

Monday, August 07, 2006

"like a graveyard with not a tombstone standing."
A Japanese report on the bombing of Nagasaki

On the morning of AUG 6 1945 the U.S army dropped "little boy" on the city of Hiroshima. The immediate casualities reported was 1,00000 lives but still tens of thousand of people are suffering from radiation. Before the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima, a test was conducted at New Mexico,After watching the test, Director J Robert Oppenheimer said that a verse from "Bhagavat Gita" came to his mind.

"If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst into the sky,
that would be like the splendor of the Mighty One
I am become Death, the shatterer of Worlds".

The horrors of atomic bombing is still hauting. Lets take a pledge that there will not be anymore 'Hiroshimas' and 'Nagasakis'

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I was pondering on what to write in ‘my world’. Now a days as you know there are umpteen things to write. I thought of writing about the nuclear deal between India and U.S, The mounting tension in the middle east was another choice. What about the new controversy in sabarimala?

Then I thought I should write something about myself. This one is not an article but my memories of pakoth. A series of events that happened in mid 80s.

Memories of pakoth was featured in the Souvenir that was published as part of the 50th year (golden jublilee) celebrations. This souvenir was published on April 2005.

Memories of Pakoth, padinjare kovilakom.

ASIMO Muthachan.

ASIMO, latest edition of Honda’s robot. I was watching BBC. ASIMO can walk and respond to its surrounding. As I watched ASIMO walking, a thought flashed in my mind. I have seen this walk somewhere? I was startled by the resemblance in ASIMOV’S movement with muthachan’s (my father’s father) walk this is the way my muthachan used to walk. He was affected by Parkinson’s disease.

He used to call me to help him move. I used to tease him. Muthachaa you have a starting trouble.

My early memories of pakoth is related to muthachan


Manoj chettan has arranged a cricket match!! Anu (manoj chettan’s younger brother) told me while coming back from school. Cricket was our passion and we were all boastful of our cricketing skills. Our first match with a local team. I started visualizing an indo-pak oneday.

The venue was fixed MCG Madathilparambu (not Melbourne) Cricket Ground. Chinjappan was the captain of opponent side. As the much awaited match started we came to know that how talented was the other side. Like a fall of castle made up of playing cards, one by one started loosing wickets. None of us survived chinjappan’s fearsome bowling attack.

We had another MCG, Malikayil Cricket Ground. Where other than in chenganda you could see two MCGs adjacent? By this time I shifted my stay to cherthala with my maternal grandparents. Daily I used to come to chenganda to play cricket. At the end of the day I would have lost my money for return ticket. Thanks to anu for his financial aid, he had bestowed in various occasions without that my return to cherthala would not have been possible.

vettaikorumakan’s kovil

Weekly bhajans at vettaikorumakan’s kovil was on Tuesdays; songs were all fixed and already allotted to various persons. Mine was hamsavahana devi ambasaraswathi!!! This is the venue where we all become yesudas and at the end a small tussle to get the most roasted area of the appam.

Manoj, the mungankuzhi specialist.

Catch me if you can screamed manoj chettan while swimming. Ambalakulam was our favourite aquatic center and manoj chettan was our Mark spitz, the great Olympic swimmer. He was specialized in mungankuzhi and was almost invincible. Years later I came to know that he got selected for marine engineering, the innumerable mugankuzhis and free styles that he used to perform paid off.

5. Annual sports meet.

Achaaa arrow erinu ennikku second prize i screamed in excitement. A quick-witted achan retorted back aro erinjathinu ninekkengine prize kitti? Our annual sports meet was at parimanam.

At the beginning of the meet I was an underdog as anu was the favourite but at the end of the day I bagged two gold (100 mts dash and long jump) and a silver (Arrow throw) I brought three cups (tea cups) to pakoth that day.

Then comes the culturals at puthen kovilakom. Santhosh chettan was regarded as the next generation poet. He used to come first in almost every item. I still remember vividly his role as naranathu branthan in fancy dress.

Years passed the only occasion I used to visit my land was during pattu, yearly ritual for vetaikorumakan and when I am at pakoth, like a panorama of events all these memories flash through my mind. Once again I am at pakoth for the 50th (golden jubilee) celebrations of karappuram Kshatriya sabha. I am thrilled.

March 22nd 2005.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Forthcoming attractions:

1. "The inside story of Book On Pakoth (BOP) project".

A gripping saga of the events that lead to the BOP project.

2. " BOP project: So far so good".

A comprehensive coverage of the hitherto developments of the project.

3. " Future ahead".

What challenges ahead for the project

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hi Friends,

Lets work together for a new world order