Friday, June 04, 2010

The Vishu and the Kani!

Vishu , Kerala’s new year festival falls on the month of April. The most important event in Vishu is the Vishukani, means “the first to be seen on the Vishu day". Kani Konna, the yellow flower, Golden Shower Tree (cassia fistula) is the integral part of Vishu Kani.

A typical Vishu Kani, with Kani konna!

This Vishu we had a tough time searching for Konna and had to adjust our kani with some other yellow colour flowers.

Our Vishu Kani, without Konna

Now it’s June, almost two months after Vishu, I see this tree that too very near to my home.

Its Kani (not Vishu kani) for me on a daily basis.

So is it because of global warming? I searched, read some articles and found that actually trees flower early because of the climate change, so this flowering is for the 2011 Vishu, in that case I need to stock it (and probably stock a lot and make a fortune by selling them),because next Vishu is its just 10 months away!

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