Friday, February 27, 2009

I have always considered me as a widely read person until I found out this!
Since Feb 2006, the year I quit a BPO and start hunting for some more meaningful job, I started keeping a note of books I read. I call this as power pages as information is powerful. This includes various interesting phrases from various books I read.

So according to this record, I read 26 books in the last three years, till Feb 2009 and that means
On an average 8.6 books per year
In a month 0.71 book, not even a book!!!
Now this figure is appalling. I am sure there are more books published in a day
One of my New Year resolutions is to read more books this year, so let me go and continue reading

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life in an Advertising agency, part-1
They say Advertising is the only industry where one can have fun with pants on. Now the level of fun depends on the client handled. In spite of deadlines and client screaming, ad agencies can be fun place. What started as a de-brief session ended up like a collage of caricature featuring the entire members of the agency (thanks to economic recession, not many left in the agency). Everybody (including me) contributed. The topics varied from one’s obsession towards earrings of unimaginable shapes, scale and sizes, recent honeymoon trip made by a member, about low waist jean one wears, one person’s highly imaginative story of a snake that can swallow a donkey (he still believes and often tries to convince others that there is a snake like that). Now activities like these makes an ad agency a place where one can have real fun (yeah, pants are still on).

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A day in country's one of oldest prison!!

Its a thrilling experience to visit a prison (without committing any crime I mean), that too if the Prison is some 170 years old!!!It started as a transit camp for prisoners being taken to other major prisons, especially the Cellular Jail in Andaman and Nicobar. Closed in 2007, Govt is going to demolish this prison and now its open to public.

Approach road to the prison, feel is like a tourist place with lots of people of all age groups, vendors

The Gallows, last hanging happened in 1975

Entrance,Central Prison, Madras, 1837

Place where movies were shown

Valuable belongings of inmates were kept here

A cell where most notorious criminals used to stay!

Inside the cell

Another section of cells


Prison complex is more than 14 acres!


Behind the bars!!!!

Place to learn

Meditation centre

Imposing wall

Prison art!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A different love story, again!!!

Marketing a film is no joke, when crores are at stake. Recent news of various marketing tactics used by Gajjini made much news. The promotion of a film starts right from the poster designing. The news is about Gautham menon’s latest ‘silambarasan’ starrer movie “Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa”, a different love story, again.

Now what’s really different about this movie is its poster. If you closely look at the posters, you will be reminded of various super hit films of yester years, all love stories! Look and feel, fonts used are very similar to the original movies.

The shots used are from


Dil se (Uyire)



Kakka kakka

The posters really connect to the tagline “a different love story, again” as the films featured were all super hit ‘love story’ films. It’s a unique strategy to promote the film for sure. We need to wait and watch to know how different is this film from others but the posters are really refreshing. Kudos to Gautham Menon and crew.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Chachu's Bike

For the past three days there is a slight change in my routine. I need to drop my brother's son, samyu in school. Now this duty is for just three days but its worth putting down the events.

Day 1

Samyu was ready by the time I reached his home. He informed that Papa has gone to office. Probably he was reasserting me why I was there and what I was supposed to do.

He found my Bike comfortable right from the beginning but worse was yet to come.

Samyu's road map to School is almost fixed and I made the utmost sin of deviating that route. He was quick to react and said Chachu (That's what he calls me) was completely wrong. I somehow managed the show by telling him that this route was far better, I doubt that was a convincing answer. On the way he told me where his mother used to have Pizza. Throughout the journey he was talking and I was nodding. First day duty was over. Later he complained to his mother that Chachu is not listening to him!

Day 2

Exactly when we reached the same signal where I had took a turn the other day; Samyu protested, this time more furiously than last time. I had to lie to him that I don't know the route and some how convinced him. Probably he was so sure of my ignorance

Day 3

Last day of my special duty. Samyu told me that his Papa is coming in the afternoon to pick him from school , again a reminder that my duty was over. Now the conversation was on throughout the trip. Before reaching the school samyu certified that my bike was good (after much public outcry I had give my vehicle for servicing) but am sure unlike his papa, who is a mechanical engineer, he don't know anything about bikes.

Anyway those three days were fun. Sometimes its good to disturb your routine

Change is good!!!