Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup football banners: A visual treat! Part III

A set of banners for hard core Argentina fans.

Diego Maradonna in traditional Malayalee (Tamil also)attire!

Now here I see a clear case of inspiration from a recently released Malayalam movie, Pokkiriraja, starring Mammooty and Prithviraj

And look at Messi, also in similar traditional Malayalee clothing of Shirt and Mundu (dhothi)!

Emulating your legendary coach (Diego)in football is okay, but clothing also?

Now the connection, Mammootty is one of all time super stars of Malayalam cinema, same with Maradona, who is one of the greatest in the game of football.
Prithviraj is the young super hero of Malayalam cinema and Messi is no different, is the new super hero of Football and (2010 World Cup?)

To be continued......


vipin said...

Chetta good work, really did a hard work for a presentation like this, and really it deserves something more than this...... Good work chetta...

sandeep said...

@Vipin thanks