Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup football banners: A visual treat! Part IV

We cheer for India!

It's not that only Brazil, Argentina and other leading Football playing nations have banners and fan clubs. India also has some supporters. During my trip I saw two interesting banners supporting India. They sincerely hope that one day Indian football will make it to FIFA World Cup.

I saw this poster inside a store at Malappuram town.

The wording are funny, " We want to play!we also have boots and jerseys!"
. The tag line says " World cup committee is waiting for them" day dreaming?

This banner at Nainamvalappu, the football capital of Calicut!
The headline says " One day India will also play in the World Cup." ending with a JAI HO!

Now lets wait for that the day when India will play in FIFA World Cup, JAI HO!

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Azad said...

Hey man,
I sincerely hope India reaches the world cup... very soon.