Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup football banners: A visual treat! Part II!

My next pick of interesting banner is, am sure will delight Brazil fans and despond the Argentina ones.

Location: Chathamangalam, Calicut district,

Theme: Inspired from the Malayalam saying “1000 Kozhimutteykku Ara Kada”, a rough translation “half quail’s egg is equivalent to a 1000 Hen’s egg “ , the statement underlines the fact that quail’s egg is far more nutritious than a Hen’s egg. Now to the World Cup and the banner from Brazil fans.

Headline: 1000 Messikku ara Kaka, means

“Half Kaka is enough for a 1000 Messi(s)”!

Now how is that?


Search for the perfect mail said...

no waaay messi is anytime better dan u don't c much ply actin from messi but the are wagonloads of it from kaka
MESSI rockzzzz!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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