Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One more new year round the corner and its celebration time. In my office we were asked to make our own masks and come. Now see some of them. What makes this celebration unique is all this is happening amidst uncertainty about job and business. More than half of people got fired. Still everybody is optimistic (not of getting fired) about future. Our office is ready to welcome 2009!

He tried Kathakali for sure!

That's one Tribal chief's mask!

Romeo or Remo?

Glad to see atleast one Gladiator

That's beauty queen (with mask)

Monday, December 08, 2008

The Great Indian Spelling Bee!
Saw this board opposite to Ascendas IT Park. The headline says ‘Indian Soups’ but if you see the lady, you will hardly believe that. Probably they want to say Indian soups served by a Chinese or Japanese? Now have a look at the spelling of various soups; be careful, you might lose your appetite!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

How IT works

Nov30, Sunday night my wife, who is working in an IT company gets a message that the office will remain closed in the coming days. Thanks to Cyclone Nisha ( I am wondering on what basis they name these cyclones). The servers are not working, A/C also out of action. Normally when i am informed like this, I am thrilled but she is tensed. Monday, Dec 1 is the deadline for deliverables. Suddenly the atmosphere changed. She frantically started sending mails to the client, talking them over phone. This continues for a couple of hours.

Dec 1

Afternoon: she decides to go to Office and get the work in a pendrive so that if the client ask her to send the details, she can send
Eve: By now she is restless, making calls to Mumbai, London and some local calls (am seriously worried about our telephone bills) now I am also restless

7:30 p.m: She finds out that she can work from home on the remote desktop of Mumbai office
8:00 p.m she sets up the connection and ask two of her teammates to come home and work
8:25 p.m Two people arrive and start working. I am reminded of my BPO night shift days
9:00p.m Call from Mumbai, 4-5 people should fly to Mumbai and work from there for atleast 2-3 days
She starts calling her teammates, finds it difficult to convince them to fly to Mumbai (Quite understandable after terrorist attack). After much effort 3 brave hearts are ready. I am clueless!
9:50 p.m E- tickets mailed, two guys are working in full swing.

Dec 2
6:00 a.m: They are still working. I am headed to my office to take printouts of e-tickets. Never in my life I was so early to my office
9:30 a.m I drop her at Airport!
So I tell her next time if some one ask you where u working, tell them I work in Ascendas IT park..errrrr...Home....errrr ....Mumbai Office... just tell 'I am working'

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I have seen water tanks in different sizes and shapes. But one in a Lotus shape is truely unique. This water tank is at Jagannath temple (like one in Puri) in Chennai.

Monday, November 10, 2008

News in the daily caught my attention, correspondence course on Gandhi! I decided to give it a try. It is always good to be a student of something. So I called up the Gandhi study centre, the organisation conducting the course and got the details. The course is for three months, course fee is Rs 150. Now the highlight, you will get the question paper at home and can answer sitting at home. There will be one full day contact class.

Name of the course is “Let us know Gandhi” a must need for this age.
Course material contains three books.

Exam is on Jan. It’s student days ahead, also an opportunity to know more about a great soul.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Imagine this; you go for shopping in Chennai's top most Alayam of Saris. You select saris and come to billing counter; you pay the bill and get the saris, now the surprising part. You get something free with Sari, can you guess what? I bet you can't
A Tulsi plant free for purchasing Saris (I am not sure about other dress materials). This is what exactly happened to my wife and we have our first indoor plant,a Tulsi plant!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

It’s good to hear live Carnatic music nah? So even if you can't make it to Narada Gana sabha or Music Academy

Go to Sri Krishna sweets in Adyar

Every day evening you can hear live music here. It’s very interesting to see them discussing about various styles, ragas and all. So it’s double sweet at Sri Krishna

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Office Records

This is not Guinness Book of records, not even Ripley's believe it or not series. These are office records (if you find a more sensible name, pls go ahead)

Marker Tower. 3 markers and a Glass!

Now 3 markers, a mobile and a Glass!Record holder Deva along with the record

Anybody there to beat this?

Friday, October 03, 2008

I never dreamt of a career in modeling but being in an advertising agency, I had lots of opportunities where I modeled as reference. These ads were also started like that. So even though it’s highly unlikely to recognise me, I agreed for the shoot. Never in my wildest dreams I (and nobody in the agency) thought that client will approve the concept and models. Believe me friends, the person who is seated in these ads is me. The ladies are my colleagues. This is not a dream debut I know but the feeling is great.

These ads were published in Kumudham,a Tamil weekly.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In this age of specialty and super specialty hospitals, this clinic is unique. I saw this dental clinic on the road side at Hyderabad. Do not miss the patient.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm lovin'it!!!

McDonald's, World's largest fast food chain opened its first outlet in Chennai on April 2nd. I was pestering my wife about this for past 2-3 weeks. I have read enough and written also (When I was in ICFAI) about 'Golden Arches' but never visited a McDonald's. So now the time has come for that. The new McDonald's is at Ascendas, an IT park.

So on April 5, I made it to McDonald's. It was not a-dream-come-true type of visit. The place was crowded, atleast 150 people in front of the counter!!!

At last after 30 mins, I got my Mc Aloo Tikki!!! Am not sure was it worth all this wait and struggle, still I'm lovin'it!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Death of a fish!
We have a beautiful fish tank (and fishes also) in our Advertising agency. We feed them, go near and observe them.I have seen some people even talk to them if not fight with them. We used to even compare them with ourselves, relate each fish with staffs. It’s a happy fish tank and we too. All this changed last Monday. Sathya, one of the staffs first noticed it. One fish was dead and floating. An air of sadness filled the agency.

We decided to do last rites for the deceased fish. Normally when a fish dies most of us just throws it somewhere. We did not want to do that way. Some one prepared ‘padai’ (made of bamboo where the body is kept) for fish.

One printed a “Kanniranjali”, a condolence note for the parted soul.

At 11:00 a.m the final procession started. With no joy in our hearts we all watched the last moments of fish. Let its soul rest in peace.

Monday, March 31, 2008

One evening with a living legend!

Anandettan came and told me that two tickets are available for the first test match between India and South Africa at Chennai. He said he is going on Friday 28th of March. That day Sehwag made history. Now the only thing that motivated me to go for the match was Sachin Tendulkar! I wanted to see him. So next day I decided to go. Around 2:30 I reached stadium. I ate one piece of Watermelon and two pears. I checked with a person about the score, he said India was all out! Ha great news now I can see all the players, especially Sachin. I entered the stadium with prayers in my lips to have a Darshan of God of 22 yards. I went inside and sat.

Sreeshanth started to bowl; Sachin was standing in first slip position. I could see him, but not that clear. Several overs passed but I was not happy. I wanted to see Sachin even closer. Match was not great, Indian took only 1 wicket and South Africa was not at all in a hurry. Then came the last over of the match! I came to know about this after the match. Again Sreesanth to bowl, all of
a sudden it happened. Sachin came running to long on and stood there.

Our section of gallery was in a state of absolute chaos. I saw two young guys writing something in a drawing sheet and running towards the fence and shouting Sachin, Sachin... Sachin Tendulkar was standing some 15 ft away from me. It was dream come true. People were screaming, shouting and making all types of noises to get Sachin’s attention. At last Sachin turned around and waved his hand.

Now people went crazy. Match was over and as he slowly walked towards Pavilion, I stood and had a last glimpse of Master blaster.

Friday, March 28, 2008

How to become founder member of a 180-year-old Newspaper?

Its great to be a founder member of World’s largest English news daily(as per ABC), even though its for a new edition. The other day I received a founder member certificate from Times of India. TOI is starting its Chennai edition on April 14 and I had subscribed to TOI for six months.

I know for sure that I am not one among the founders of TOI, but when I got this certificate, they bought me for sure. Before receiving the paper itself I feel a sense of ownership. Now am eagerly waiting for my copy.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

When it rains!!!!!
Last visit to my native place, Cherthala, difficulty in finding the place? Ok its in Alapuzha Dist, now issues with pronunciation? Here is an easy one, a place in Kerala (hope you could make it at last) was a wet wet one. It was rain and more rain.

And when it rains in Kerala, it pours!!!

Have a look!