Saturday, May 23, 2009

A stitch in a time !

See an ad of a tailoring centre. We(myself and my wife) were definitely interested in quality stitching, ok with good designing and most inviting part was “xpress delivery, within 24/48 hrs” , which was a myth, to once again confirm that we had to wait for 10 days. In a way we realized this after 10 days. We stepped in after 10 days (after no response of repeated calling) and found the cloth piece in tact. I am sure most have gone through this phenomenon. I have not met anybody who have seen anyone who have received any dress on time from tailoring shop
Now what’s the use of quality stitching,good design and all if one can not deliver on time? We are on the look out for another “quality tailor”, any suggestions?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Some interesting things around us

The way English is spoken change from state to state, but will the spelling also change?
I found this sign behind a bus on the way to Thirupathi, what they meant was ‘ Ghat eligible’

This one is in a Studio at Guruvayur, near to famous temple, it’s a famous Malayalam film lyric, message is simple, ‘leave your footwear outside and come in’

This sign of a ‘Sun outage’ appeared in my TV, this phenomenon is very rare it seems

Coalition politics, Vehicle of a party leader

Friday, May 15, 2009

Invitation from an ad agency
How to invite for a get-together? What big deal? You must be thinking, write the agenda of the g2g, venue, time and date, right?
That’s the normal way and people in advertising are not normal guys so when they invite for g2g its something like this

All the characters featured are the employees and me there in French beard (without specs) behind the laptop

Thursday, May 14, 2009

India Shining!!!

Remember 2004 election? when BJP coined the word 'India Shining' and campaigned? experts believed that this campaign was one of the main reason for their defeat because India was (if at all( shining only in Metros. Now thats about 2004

5 years after 'India Shining', 2009 Election time. I happened to go through CPI-M manifesto and this is what they say

30 million people are undernourished

More than half of India’s women are anaemic

40 per cent of children under three years are underweight

2,19,000 habitations have no access to clean drinking water

39 per cent of adult population is illiterate

77 per cent of the population spends less than Rs. 20 a day

The share of wages in the organised industrial sector is among the lowest in the world

India truly Shining!!!!!