Thursday, April 15, 2010

Water melon: A great fruit to display

Product display plays a vital role in retail marketing.

If you go to any of these retail outlets, you see wonderful display of products, be it vegetables or fruits.

But when it comes to water melon, they lack this art.

Water melon can be a great thing for display and these so called retailers must take some tips from road side vendors.Wonderful display of water melons!

Fresh cut melons on display!

This time the hygiene factor is taken care of, melons covered with plastic, but yeah still plastic!

Being part of ad industry, I have seen several danglers, in different colours and shapes but nothing like this!

The Water melon dangler, a great thirst quencher!

More melon danglers, this time attached to the umbrella,wonderful display! I tell you these vendors have mastered the art of display for sure.

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