Saturday, April 03, 2010

Convocation dress and Colonial hangover!

I was not surpised to see Mr.Jairam Ramesh,Environment minister taking off his gown at the convocation of the IIFM, Bhopal. read the news here

We at Amrita School of Business (ASB) did this a decade ago. Forget about removing, we didn't even dress like, if I could borrow the minister's words, medieval vicars and popes.

Our convocation dress at ASB,simple yet elegant and apt for our tropical climate. For men, Shirt,Mundu/dhoti(not even trousers)that guarantee more air circulation and white shawl and for women Saree.

Our Director was dead against all these so called Colonial relic. Can some one beat this convocation dress?


Dileep said...

I Liked it. I am proud of shirt and mundu :)

Ram said...

Nice on Sandeep...