Sunday, April 25, 2010

Coming of the Ipl season! concluding part

Love it or hate it but you can't ignore it, thats

The official partner is rocking!
Super Kings semma Rockings!
If you are the official partner then its a celebration! and its true, CSK roared and rocked!

T20 of a different kind!

Twenty days , Twenty cars free offer from TATA!

Curious connection of a car with a film star and cricket! thats IPL!

Buy a Hyundai car and get SRK signed cricket kit

who said IPL is batmens' game?

Mac spin foundation @ Chennai constructed (read painted) a new ground exclusively for IPL. No wonder spinners did well at IPL season 3.

Odyssey Prize Loot!
Odyssey cam out with OPL contest

Odyssey has complete range of Deccan Charges merchandising!

One more IPL season comes to an end. Even though this season was marred by many a controversy, everybody enjoyed. Now lets wait for IPL 4 and its going to be 10 teams next time.


Benedict G said...

The IPL platform to push sales and ride the excitement.. been seeing it all around.. its festivity time. IPL apart from taking on movies may compete with our festivals too .. Its amazing how our nation longs for celebration.. I think its wonderful and the power of the people to want to let their hair down and have fun.
That brings me to the the point when do we really party?

sandeep varma said...

benny, entire life is a celebration rite, frm birth to death