Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Great Indian Premier League

Forget the film stars and multi billion franchisee deals. IPL is more than just Dance, Drums (Siva mani for CSK) and Drama. The festive feel around the stadium, (forget inside) adds more colour to the event.You see a different shades of the IPL outside the stadium, The IPL of the common man, where you find atleast 100 people of all ages selling 200 different items

As soon as I got out of Chepauk MRTS station, I was attached by a mob selling CSK flags!

Super Kings all the way and more flags on the way, boy selling CSK flags

More shops and items to come, CSK caps, T-shirts and Binoculars

Guy selling CSK headbands and devil's horns

This little fellow, all in yellow colours, selling desi clarinet

A mile long queue for IPL!

It took almost an hour to reach the entrance!

At last into the stands.

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