Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chennai Barcamp 2010

I knew that Barcamp is where all techies meet and I am being no way related to that gang, still wanted to attend the event organised by The Knowledge Foundation

I like the Chennai Barcamp logo, Schmidt Memorial@Besant Nagar replacing the M

Session wiki

Name sticker

Registration on full swing!

Kaushik's session on common Java script, now my knowledge about Java is, its a bike model and script, nothing beyond a film script. and by the end of session I knew that there is a big debate happening in this field and lots of problems, some technical and social

Arvind Sridharan's session on RangDe, an organisation founded by Ramakrishna taking inspiration from the Nobel prize winner Muhammad Yunus and his Grameen Bank

Arun Balaji explaining the concept of Tirupathi darshan in a day! but then its already in place rite? and Tirupathi lord's actual name is Tirupathi Druva Bera, thats another take from the session

I know how to put Picasa album in Facebook. Login to picasa, copy the pic, login to Facebook then paste it, now here Ashwin explaining how to import Picasa web album to Facebook in three easy steps
And its only half way, more sessions (interesting I suppose, one being how to make movies better)to come but sad I had to leave. there is live tweeting happening, have a look


Benedict G said...

super document.. now I dont really miss not attending... waiting for the second part.. thanks sandeep

Magesh said...

Well, Actually the second part went really well :D

esp. @2rams "Love and Entrepreneurship"

sandeep varma said...

@benny, thanks and @magesh, i missed the better half :D