Monday, April 12, 2010

Mahabharata, what is not in it, is nowhere!

Part V: Road block

Remember the Tank man's protest by blocking the Tanks at Tiananmen square in 1989? if thats too old, there are enough road blocking instances happening in India (almost on a daily basis in Kerala) by almost all the political parties.Blocking roads has become the most abused form of protest.

There is a different type of Road blocking happening in the Great Mahabharata. Panchali, during the exile once asked Bhima for the most beautiful kalyana sougandhikam flower. He went in search of the flower in the forest.On the way he found an old monkey lying and blocking his way. Bhima,greatly annoyed at the old monkey lying in his path,asked him to move off but the monkey told he was too old to move and requested Bhima to move his tail and keep it aside. Bhima tried with his fingers first then with one and later even with two hands but couldn't even nudge the tail by an inch.Later Bhima tried to move the tail with his gada(mace), but found to his dismay, that the gada which is now under the monkey’s tail cannot be moved at all.Bhima realised that the old monkey was no ordinary one.he begged the old monkey to reveal his true identity.Hanuman gave his introduction and asked Bhima to shed his false pride,blessed him. One more instances of what is not in The Mahabharata, is nowhere

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