Friday, April 30, 2010

Rang De presents Swarathama Live In concert to change lives

Swarthma live in concert is to happen on May 1, check here for details and I was part of the blogger group that attended the press meet

Press Invite

Ramakrishna, Co-founder and CEO Rang De gave a brief introduction about how he got inspired by Mr.Muhammad Yunus and His Grameen Bank that resulted in founding of Rang De, a social initiative that supports rural micro entrepreneurs.

What's common between


Ms. Waheeda Rehman Waheedaji started her speech with a question? Are you all happy? If you help someone whom you don't know then the happiness doubles, she continued. A news report on Rang De made her curious to know more about the project (She thought Rang De was something related to Rang De Basanti). Actually they are realted, both are talking about bringing change.

Mr.Soumitra Ghosh of CSO explained how they are proud to support a change agent named Rang De. He touched upon Mahathma's ideology of Grama Swaraj and inclusive growth.

Mr. Ramakrishna, Ms Waheeda Rehman and Mr. Soumitra Ghosh

Rs. 5000 is the minimum loan amount Rang De arranges but Ram shared an experience where the weaving community in a village in Orissa asked for loans as low as Rs.1000 and Rs.2000.

Rang De has started a revolution, a butterfly flap and its sure that this small flap is going to change a million lives!

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Shrinidhi Hande said...

Good work. See u at the concert