Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cholayil Sanjeevanam health restaurant, a Veggie's paradise

Sanjeevanam at Adayar is a great place for a vegetarian to have good food

As soon as you enter you see a detailed list of Business lunch combos

We ordered Rajakeeyam lunch, a warning they will not serve water as soon as you order something. You are not supposed to drink water before the lunch. There is a table top,telling the order in which one should eat Rajakeeyam lunch

And you begin with 5 types of juices (dates,nuts,butter milk, beetroot, and two pieces of banana

Then comes the not cooked ones, Avilputtu and vegetable salads of different colours and tastes

Semicooked (by this time your stomach will be almost full)traditional Kerala curries, Olan and spinach

Rasam, Sambar and all with strange tastes, not of the regular masala and other artificial ingrediants

Atlast you see something you are familiar with, fully cooked but without much salt and not that spicy

A glimpse of rice after almost 15 mins since you started your lunch,first the Chembavu rice, the red one and first time water enters

Then more familiar white rice now you start your usual lunch but here at Sanjeevanam thats almost the end. Forget about any roasted items and appalams/pappadams

The great lunch ends with a spoon or two of honey. Sanjeevanam is the place to be in if you love veg food and have a great appetite.


Aaarti said...

Yep, lovely concept and we quite enjoyed the food as well.. have been to their nungambakkam outlet abt 3yrs back... me n a friend..totally amused but we enjoyed it...

came home and since then been making banana stem raita often!!

My review of the place-

sandeep varma said...

@Aaarti, read it nice one