Thursday, August 06, 2009

Two World Records at Symphony of Silver!

When my friend sent me an SMS about A Guinness World Record feat that happened in Chennai, I decided to go and have a look. The feat is showcased at Sukra Jewellery at Mylapore, Chennai, famous for Silver Jewellery, under the name “Symphony of Silver”.

Now about the feats

First one is "Largest Silver Sculpture, a Guitar", certified by Guinness World Records, UK

Made in 92.5 % pure sterling silver-hallmarked by B.I.S. It took 5700 man hours and 71 days to create this master piece

According to Mr. Nithin Kalkiraju, young CEO of Sukra Jewellery, the Guitar is a tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Second World record on display is the “Largest Silver Clock”, a 7.33 feet Grand father Clock weighing more than 50 kgs.

It took 5350 man hours and 149 days to make this clock.

The boutique has various artifacts and jewellery, all hand made, from over 25 cities across India

The collection includes Harp shaped candle stand, traditional thread works

Antique finished pot, fruit bowls from Havelis of Rajasthan

Royal Indian jug, Indian tribal jewellery, jewel box and many more

Mr. Nithin Kalkiraju had a dream, to design the grandest boutique . At Sukra, he conducts a symphony in Silver and its worth many an applause

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