Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Madras Week, Day 2

The Archeology of the Madras region by Archeological Survey of India
Venue: Clive House

Imagine a case like this, with lots of expectation and excitement you go for something(read exhibition, in this context) but you end up dejected and disappointed!

The inscription on the building says Robert I Lord Clive lived in this building in the year 1753 Truly great in arms and council!

There is one Clive corner, an exhibition on Robert Clive's stay in Chennai.

The much awaited exhibition on Archeology of Madras region. If you are really keen on Paleolithic and Mesolithic ages( apparently I wasn't)its worth visiting this exhibition.

I think majority of people are not really interested to know what happened some 15000-10000 years ago in Chennai and near by places.I was the first visitor of the day. The broad smile on the face of the person at the counter gave an idea how popular are the Paleolithic and Mesolithic ages

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