Friday, August 21, 2009

The art of delighting a customer-the SMS way!

New SMS received from someone claiming they are ‘Happy2help’: Says, hello, Missed call information subscription (MCI) pack has been activated. Monthly rental is Rs.30. To deactivate SMS (the number).
Even before I react, one more SMS: Your subscription to MCI has been activated, now I have a doubt, when did I subscribe this facility?
I have seen the commercial announcing this wonderful idea, but do I really need this facility?
I SMS back asking to unsubscribe the MCI,

Another SMS, says the service will be deactivated within a maximum period of 5 hours
Within minutes comes one more update, service deactivated successfully, I am happy!
Now the interesting part and trickiest also,

As a service gesture, MCI service has been activated for your mobile no: FREE OF COST. This is FREE forever and NO CHARGES will be taken.
I remember Philip Kotler and his famous ‘Marketing Bible’ Customer delight is the quintessence of Marketing. I am delighted, still am awaiting month end bill!!!!

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