Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Madras week- Day 4
Reminiscences of British Raj!

“The British left behind show”, an Indeco hotels initiative
Venue: Lalit kala Academy, Chennai

“Whether in India or Vancouover, these gentlemen officers were bent on preserving their identity as British subjects living abroad. Their empire was portable, and they took Britain with them wherever they went”
An interesting collection of Fans, Chairs of Madras Presidency, clocks, Kitchen utensils, Arms of the European Missionary, Machinery, Art, Artifacts and Articles.
Steve Borgia, Chairman & Managing Director, INDeco Leisure hotels, have been collecting these stuffs since he was 15.

Some of my favourites from the exhibition
English spray can


The winds of British Raj, the kerosene fan,the twin blade fan and portable fan

The Colonial cycle

'The dorai power',sitting walking stick!

I was lucky enough to get a wonderful catalog of exhibits

Now the Steve Borgia Indian Heritage Museum strives to source, acquire, research and exhibit these objects for future generations.

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