Saturday, August 15, 2009

In the times of Tambola!

Nowadays I am seriously into Tambola. For the past three weeks apart from reading TOI, am playing its Tambola also. But so far luck has not favoured me. I have not completed a ‘House’, always missed by at least 4-5 numbers.
And now I have serious doubts whether I will ever complete a house. I have my own reasons to think so
The rules are same. The game starts on every Sunday and go on till Saturday. There are 15 numbers and every day the paper announces 5 numbers. From Sunday till Wednesday, on an average I get 2-3 numbers. There is lot of excitement and hope at home. But towards weekend the numbers dry up and I end up losing by at least 4-5 numbers. I know this is the good old trick, to create excitement among readers, in the beginning you get lots of numbers and you can guess the end. I know the result but something happened in this whole process, I have become a Tambola addict.
Today is Sunday and I am busy playing fourth edition of Tambola, I have got 3 numbers

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