Thursday, August 13, 2009

A close encounter with Swine(less)flu
Wife calls in the afternoon and says she has fever and headache. With lots of swine flu in paper, TV and streets, we rush to nearby hospital.

A notice at the hospital welcomes us saying Patients and attenders are requested to wear masks and mask is available in pharmacy at a concession cost of Rs 10!!!

Just Rs 10!!! per mask, that too at a concession cost, I wonder whats the current market rate, must be moving faster than Gold rate

So I buy two masks, wear it and join the mask club

Hospital gives a feel of an area affected by an epidemic

There is a helpline for Swine flu reporting

Wife's SMS, Fever 99.8, check up starts, I call up everyone who were with us last two three days and request to have a checkup

First time I am seeing these many people with masks!

Do's and Dont's of Swine flu

Finally Doctor declares "Its a normal flu, a swine (less)flu

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Sailesh Varma said...

With the mask u look more like a bandit!