Monday, June 22, 2009

Wimbledon again!

It's been a year now, 2008 June we (myself,my wife and two cousins of ours) were at Wimbledon. It was a bright Sunday afternoon,calm and quite with greenery all around.

Never make this mistake; if you travel by train, to go to All England Tennis court, get down at Southfields station not Wimbledon. We went all the way to Wimbledon and came back.

A huge banner showing legendary Bjorn Borg’s historic moments at Wimbledon, Roger Federer was supposed to surpass him

Nice gesture, The All England Club welcoming players from all countries, felt happy to see India there

The Championships of the future, much awaited retractable roof for the centre court is already up, all will miss the famous Wimbledon showers for sure

All for this!

It was a Sunday so no matches,we could only see the famous courts from outside

The Wimbledon shop

Tennis Museum

2009 Championships starting from today, lovers of the game will miss Rafa!

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