Wednesday, June 03, 2009

How to take care of customer

“Customer service” is a clichéd word nowadays, right from multi billion brands to corner tea shop, everybody use, misuse and abuse this word. Now when you are in a service industry” customer care” must be in the blood and sweat. And when the industry you are in is something like Aviation you better take care of your customer.
Find below is the mail one of the Managers had sent to his peer enlightening about the details of a customer expected to fly with them. For obvious reasons I have changed only the names of all the characters and message is exactly the same
From: Shankar, Manager

Dear David,

Mr R Natraj - Managing Director of the DXBT Inc along with his family have booked on Mumbai - Delhi flight X3528
His PRN IS 53CZDF4. Seats blocked for them are 3B, 4D, 4G, 4F

Now please provide them a car for them to be taken to the aircraft??(Here I think what he meant was to Airport) and provide them assistance. Please instruct the crew to pamper them” (excuse me????)

Mr Natraj is travelling for the first time and we need to get them to come back to again (am sure he is confused and determined to make others also)

Please meet and see that they are taken care off.



Now what do I say when customer care is of Paramount importance? I am sure you will also send an instruction like this

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