Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The power of 140
Some of the latest developments happening around the world prove the power of social networking sites. Whether its the news of how twitter helped in bringing the true picture in Iran, or how a central minister tweet his day to day activities. How one find the humour side of any events.
Tweeter also known as micro blogging (You can have only 140 characters per tweet) has become such a powerful tool for networking that US asked tweeter to delay scheduled maintenance so that without a break Iranians can tweet their protest over the presidential election. Read here

Latest is something called tweetpsych where they will analyse one's last 1000 tweets and gives a psychological profile of the person. This is my tweetpsych

Now some interesting Tweeple

ShashiTharoor : author, columnist, former UN Under-Secretary General, now Minister of State for External Affairs, Govt of India
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Tharoor's tweet is fun to read. His tweets include the various types of garlands he receive during his Constituency visit, how many mangoes he eat in a day, the number of forms one need to fill after becoming an MP (Member of Parliament). Through his tweets one a clear understand how demanding a minister’s life is.

Kiruba Shankar: CEO of Business Blogging, Social Media Enthusiast, Podcaster, Teacher, Columnist, Wikipedian,
Follow Kiruba He tweets about his various online activities on Knowledge foundation, Blogcamp etc. His recent issue with has become a case study on social networking .

Ramesh gives a humour touch to various news, its fun to follow this guy
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Am busy tweeting so are others

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