Friday, June 26, 2009

Roadside art!
Rajiv Gandhi road (OMR-Old Mahabalipuram road) is an ever bustling 8 lane road,constructed for meeting the ever increasing traffic congestion on the IT corridor.In 2006 the road was opened for public to use. There were lots of 'firsts' credited to this road. Instead of cutting trees, the usual procedure, around 150 trees were uprooted from the side and replanted on the centre of the road. This was the first 8 lane road in Chennai.

But one feature that created much excitement and appreciation among the public was the various art forms commissioned on either side of the road. Paintings on either side of a Highway was never seen before and was happening first time in India.
Now, Three years after the inauguration, I happened to see some changes that’s happening for this road.
The art (all oil paintings) on the left side (From Madhya Kailash) are made on temporary walls made of sheets. Most of the paintings are in bad state and may disappear in near future

Am not able to get this one, probably a sky scrapper?

Fish's mid portion missing!

One difference I noticed while comparing the paintings on both sides of the road was lots of animals/insects are featured on the left side!

Half of the painting missing, deforestation in painting also?

Contrary to this the various arts on the right side are made on concrete walls. There are 12 such art forms

1. Peacock, temple gopuram, Ganapathi and Lotuses, made of glass chip on Tidel park’s wall

2. Oil painting on the wall of M.G.R film city

3. Art( a family flying kites) made of metal pieces

4. Oil painting on the walls of Raja Muthiayah reserve lab

5. Modern art with wires and steel pieces

6. Oil painting of a tree, nicely incorporated into the building of Central Polytechnic College, Artist P.Selvakumar.

7. Sculpture in memory of Tsunami, artist- Sailesh

8. Painting on either side of Central institute of technology foundation stupa with Ashoka Chakra on the top

9. Sculptor(mother and child) by Asma Menon

10. Oil painting and glass chip

11. Modern art by steel pieces and painting on the walls of M.A Chidambaram college of nursing

Next time you drive on OMR have a look, its worth seeing!

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