Friday, June 12, 2009

Brand power
Brands control most of our lives. We can not imagine a moment (forget about a day) without Brands. Right from toothpaste to brush to soaps to breakfast to travel to work, we have lots of Brands with us. Now let me share some theory, Brand equity is the sum total of its assets and liabilities. Some Brands’ equity is even larger than GDP of nations. Now the product, logo, even colours used, fonts all plays a vital role in deciding the Brand equity. Now see this, will it come under asset or liability?

A finale
There was one person in Kerala (he is still there) named UNNI. Remember the small cute two wheeler “SUNNY” that hit the road in 90s? Now this UNNI had one SUNNY. In order to customize his vehicle he did something, with great difficulty he changed the ‘S’ in SUNNY to ‘U’ in UNNI. Now there are two UNNIs, our hero and his two wheeler. One day UNNI gave his SUNNY (read UNNY) for servicing. The mechanic did a good job and he found out there is something wrong with the name. Now you can guess what he did, he changed (difficulty level remains the same) the ‘U’ and brought back the ‘S’.I leave it to the imagination of the reader the facial expression UNNI had while collecting the vehicle
Brands some times really touch our lives!

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