Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When you meet a Legend!
What will you do when you meet a Legend that too if the meeting is quiet unexpected? I tell you, you go through (not necessary display) a series of emotions, Surprise, disbelief, shocked, thrilled to name a few. On June 29th eve, I went through most of these.
This Monday I was at Landmark book store @ Numgambakkom High Road, to buy A.R.Rahman’s biography “The Musical storm”. I picked the book and as usual going through various sections. Suddenly I saw a very familiar face standing very next to me. First I could not believe my eyes (My post Lasik annual eye check up is due this Sep). Within seconds I recognized him. There he was standing, a Legend, “Padma Shri Kamal Haasan ” in a yellow Tee shirt and long shorts. I called up my brother, who is a big fan of Kamal and told him the news. I heard a big scream from the other end. I wanted to get his autograph, so started searching for a suitable book. I could not find any book on Kamal, surprising. Then I thought why don’t buy Mahatmaji’s Autobiography? But I was not sure about how he will react.

Then I realized that in ARR’s bio there was a picture of him with Rahman, I found that page, took a deep breath and walked towards him. He looked at me, I said ‘Hi’ he acknowledged and smiled. I showed him the page and requested for an autograph. He looked at the picture, presumably surprised he turned the cover to see the book. Then he wrote 'Love' and signed. I thanked him, he smiled again. I headed towards Bill counter and paid the bill, but I knew by that time the book was priceless!

Photo of Kamal with Rahman,autographed by Kamal Hassan

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