Monday, May 31, 2010

Notes from Chennai's first Idea Camp!

Chennai is the great place to share ideas and meeting interesting people, that’s what Ramesh Manickam of Android had to say about the Chennai’s first Idea camp. Venkatesh says there were no big crazy ideas but many practical ideas. As soon as the camp was over, like minded people started discussing about how to take the idea forward, now that’s the very idea of Ideacamp. These camps give you a platform to share your thoughts, ideas and sometimes partners for your future projects.

Ram has already picked up the idea of TGs being involved in products and started working on packaging products under a brand name with TGs as brand ambassadors like Kurkure or Maggi?

But Benedict Gnaniah has a word of caution; good ideas play only a small part in success story. One needs to have good thinking, execution, risk, entrepreneurship, networking and plan to make that idea into action.

That's me(red T-shirt), live tweeting the event, believe me, tweeting live is big fun!

Some felt unusually tired physically after the event. This gives you an idea about the involvement of participants. For some, idea camp was the first social meet and had the initial hiccups so they just listened to the ideas (we need some one who can listen to,with lots of patience,to our ideas right?)
So what really happened?
Around 40 people met at Photon Infotech,Ranjiv Gandhi Road, Chennai. The camp kicked off with a great ice breaker. Then the ideas started pouring in. Ideas on creating Petting zones, a zoo of domesticated pets such as dogs, cats, hamsters and squirrels, A system to transfer food into one’s stomach wirelessly and a stomach simulator that gives a feeling of being fed, what an idea sirji!!

Then ideas on how to reduce heat by growing terrace garden (a must of Chennai for sure), eco friendly hygienic cost effective public urinals again a must for whole India. How about a site for travel networking? Review system for Colleges, a website to share ideas, A mobile lab for rural India, an application very aptly named, I’m bored, for sharing interesting events / happenings in the city.

A kiosk for identifying talents and a website for rating various services, especially restaurant so that people can save time, money and health.
Points to Ponder

1.Spray cows milk diluted water can make tomatoes bigger
2.Terrace gardens helps reduce heat
3.Pets are good stress busters
4.India doesn't need big idea to solve all problems but small ideas to solve the million small problems
5.Gays are main stream. Lesbians are main stream. Transgendered people should be next
6.Best way to reach an idea to the mass is to put the idea behind autos
7.Technology barriers will always be broken
8.Its not all money in social cause, how much time one can dedicate, to be with the needy
9.Just implement your idea how small it may be
10.Don’t get married to one idea.

It’s really good to be surrounded by lots of ideas, but the real challenge is to convert these ideas in to actions as Arnold H. Glasgow, an American humorist said, an idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.

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