Saturday, May 08, 2010

An evening with Captain Gopinath!

According to Captain his Autobiography Simply Fly, A Deccan odyssey is the story of new India of possibilities. In midst of gloom one should have hope.

Autographed autobiography!

'Man is not finished when defeated but when he quits', Captain quoted from Shelly to Shakespeare,Einstein to Newton and Tagore!. First time his name appeared in a local paper was for a not so pleasant reason. He had taken loan from a bank pledging his wife's jewellery and the bank was about to auction it as he failed to repay. In midst of all this he came to Chennai to listen to Semmangudi srinivasa iyer's Carnatic music concert.

Once a bird hit the Delhi-Kokata Deccan flight,engine was damaged,Now a new engine had to be brought from Delhi to Kolkata and there was no direct freight service so the engine was flown from Delhi to Singapore and then to Kolkata (what a logistics nightmare you see!).

That night he decided to start an air freight services company that resulted in creation of Deccan 360. A well developed supply chain is essential for a matured economy. Its the arteries and veins of the Nation.

Low cost is more than a culture (once he sent a car for his dad but he refuced and came in a bus). Low cost is about innovation!

The Airplane Book

A bit of history! In my agency days I was handling an Airline client, so obviously I had to collect all news items on Aviation. After a while my desk became full and others denied the space in theirs! Then the idea of Airplane book came to my mind. Its a scrap book of what all I collected!

From the editor's desk! I wanted to make it as interesting as possible, so apart from the industry news I included

Trivia, jokes and various tags. Captain was curious to see news articles related to Deccan!

Logos of the various airlines

I added the book launch poster and got it signed! I would say a truly inspiring evening with the person who redefined the Indian aviation.

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Shrinidhi Hande said...

I wasn't aware of this event.. would have probably made it. Wishing him luck with Deccan360