Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cyclone Laila, what's in a name?

What’s In a name, as Shakespeare asked, but it seems there is lot, Its freezing cold in Chennai now, after almost a year I switched on the water heater, thanks to Laila , the cyclone article on Times of India
It’s not sure whether Laila will ever enter Tamil Nadu, but the big debate has already started. Cyclone Laila was the topic in one of FM channels and the RJ was dead against the name. How come the cyclone having a North Indian name (first time I am hearing that Laila is a North Indian name)or suggested by Pakistan? and as the cyclone is going to hit TN, it should have a Tamizh (tamil ) name, to be more precise any names from Sangam literature

And throughout the show (7-10 am) listeners were calling up and suggesting names, that‘s really funny right? We have started celebrating the arrival of natural disasters. The debate is continuing in Twitter. So I did a little bit of searching and found this site, offering pure tamil names.

Now can we pick one and welcome her, the ex Laila?

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