Monday, May 03, 2010

The Man and the Machine!

I was intrigued to see this hi-tech machine at Property tax collecting centre.

But then the teething problems started, the officer took almost 10 mins to feed the details, the machine was stuck for another 10 mins, so almost after 20 mins he announced that the machine was not working

He calls up the service provider, requests him to bring another machine.
Now here who is at fault? not definitely the department who decided to make the billing process hi tech. I have my doubts whether The officer has enough expertise to handle the machine (you can't blame him also, all this happens all of a sudden). What about the service provider who had supplied the machines? is there any after sale service? The officer was complaining that after repeated calls no body came to change the machines. Anyway as always the common man is the loser. I have to go (and several others for sure)tomorrow again to collect the receipt.

But I was so happy and relieved to see the regular printer and printout at Water tax office!

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