Friday, September 25, 2009

The Motorcar Diaries: Part 4

14 Sep
I had never imagined that a car or rather the wait for a car would change the life of Appu. Now he has become a recluse. One good thing happened in his life for sure. He started conversing in Hindi effortlessly, thanks to his never ending conversations with truck driver and the courier person in Delhi.

15 Sep
Late evening appu came home. He said by midnight the car would reach Chennai. It’s coming near Ponamallee telephone exchange. Whole day he was searching for the exact location it seems in Google earth. Thanks to recession no major work happening in office! I called up just dial to get the address but they had only the telephone numbers.

16 Sep
After noon Appu called up, it seems now the courier guy is telling the car will be delivered at home. My 2 month (almost) long wait to drive a sedan is in vain now? Appu did not bother whether I pick the car or they door deliver it. He wants his car. He said by 6 the car will reach home. He has already given his house address to the driver.

7:30 p.m same day
Appu is calling again! He yelled in excitement, the car has arrived and parked in front of his house and now the car is there he wants me to take him for a city drive but I thought you know some amount of driving, I asked, there was a long pause from appu's end. At last he said he was planning to join a driving school.

While driving I asked appu when he will drive the car, he didn't hear my query, he was busy inspecting the car, his brand new Hyundai Accent car!


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