Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mahatma and the Mont Blanc!

Austerity is the latest buzz word. You read about Netas travelling in trains (still a/c), twits about cattle class, shifting stays from five star hotels to cantonment houses. Amidst all this there comes the most interesting ad.

Mont blanc, a German manufacturer of writing instruments, watches and accessories. A Mont Blanc product will cost you a fortune and now they have introduced a limited edition pen, Mahathma Gandhi limited edition series. A tribute to the Mahatma whose words had the power to move the masses and the soul.
It’s quite interesting that one among world’s leading premium pen manufacturer chose Mahatma who led a simple life and was the greatest advocate of austerity. He became ‘the half naked fakir’ to connect to the people, travelled along with them in unreserved compartments.
Now back to Mahatma Gandhi limited edition series pen, there are two variants to this,

a. 241 numbers, signify the number of kilometers in Dandi march, each pen cost almost Rs. 11 lakhs, where Rs50,000 from each sale will go to charity

b. 3000 numbers, the number of followers in Dandi march, each pen almost cost a lakh and 50 thousands Indian Rupee.

'Brand Gandhi' is still powerful, Lets remember the Mahatma on his 141st birth day, if not for the limited editions but for austere life he lived.

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