Friday, September 18, 2009

The Motorcar Diaries: Part 1

1 July
It all started today at around 11 a.m. appu called me, his voice was brimming with excitement. His brother, who is in Navy has booked a car, Hyundai Accent car. Through military canteen they have booked the car, its much cheaper it seems. We agreed to meet at Pizza Hut for a car booking treat at around 9 p.m. Treat was great. Appu is all thrilled.
Hyundai Cars are not available in Chennai military canteen so the car is coming from Ludhiana, Appu said while having Pizza. He says truck will reach Chennai within 2 weeks, at the maximum. We are all excited. While coming back from Pizza Hut at Adyar signal we saw one Hyundai Accent car. Appu says his car’s (booked one) colour is better.

2 July

Appu has charted out a detailed plan for our trip in new sedan. First trip is to Puthucherry (Pondicherry), yeah that will be a great trip and I will be driving a Sedan for the first time (Appu is not confident of driving a car). Now I am also started waiting for the car. I checked with my wife whether we should book the rooms in Aurobindo ashram guest house. She says it’s too early.

30 Aug
I am writing after almost a month. Nothing major happened. I see a lot of change in Appu. Nowadays he is only talking about cars, particularly about Hyundai. He is having a truckload of information. I check with my wife whether he is working in office (Appu is in her team). She said Appu’s work is fine. How come all of a sudden he got these many details about cars? Appu called up today morning and said the car will reach Chennai on Sep 4. But on the very same day I am leaving to Kerala. He is bit upset but I assured him that I shall arrange a driver for taking delivery of the car. I called up and booked a driver.

4 Sep
I am writing while travelling, Mangalore mail on the way to Kerala. Morning I called up Appu. He is in cloud nine. He said he is on leave today but car will reach only by 6 p.m then why taking leave? He giggled and said preparing for the big event. He invited me to his home when I return from Kerala on Monday. I said o.k. I wished Appu good luck. Evening Appu came to Central station. He said next trip to Kerala will be in his new car. He is also from Kerala. He promised that he will call me once the car is in Chennai. I said o.k. Next two days I will not be able to write.

(To be continued.....)

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