Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Motorcar Diaries: Part 2

6 Sep

I am back from Kerala, trip was great. Appu didn’t call me when I was in Kerala, was expecting his call as the car was expected to reach Chennai that weekend. He would have forgotten all after seeing the car I thought. By around 3:00 afternoon Appu called. There was sadness in his voice. Whether something happened to the Car? Or in transit the car got damaged? Any other goof ups? There was absolute silence from Appu’s end for a moment and finally he said’ Car yet to reach Chennai’.

Believe me I was relieved hearing this news. Nothing has happened to the car. The only thing is that the arrival will take some more time. No response from the courier service Appu complained. I tried to console but the effort was futile. I saw first signs of unrest in Appu’s voice. I said everything would be fine by tomorrow. Appu said just ‘Good night ‘ .

7 Sep

Appu almost screamed over the phone” there is some trouble in AP border’ naxal attack? I asked. No, it seems the truck carrying the car is having some problems with permit! So the truck is stuck in AP border. No idea when it will be allowed to enter AP.

10 Sep

It’s been almost 3 days since I spoke to Appu. I thought lets not ask again and again about the status of Car and deteriorate his mental state. But to day I met him near a car shop. I asked him what he was doing. He was trying hard to hide the embarrassment. He said if we select and keep ready what all we need for the car we can save the time. Oh God when did he become organized? The arrival or just the news of arrival has surely brought so many changes in Appu. I need to wait and see whether the changes were life enhancing. I knew that Appu was doing all this to keep his mind and himself busy and avoid sitting and worrying about the much awaited truck’s transit.

11 Sep

Appu’s call, early morning. I was hesitant to answer the call but no escape from this I thought. Appu said the truck is near Vizag and will reach Chennai by midnight. Oh now am worried about midnight traffic in Chennai! Appu said he will call by late evening. I waited and waited and don’t know when slept off.

(To be continued....)

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