Saturday, September 16, 2006

Nandanananu Tharam

My dad always used to surprise me with his association in various fields. Be it the role of a “Trade unionist” or “Sai devotee”, be it a short story writer or a serial director. Once again he has surprised me!!! This time he has ventured in to films. His new role is neither a script writer nor a director but as an ACTOR. For him, he has just graduated from a serial actor (he has played the role of ‘Ramapurathu Warrier’ in “Ithihya mala”) to a film actor.

He is at present busy in the shooting location of “Pothen Vava”, the much awaited film starring Mammooty. The director is Joshy.

It’s quite difficult nowadays to imagine the fields he might venture into. The best we can do is to just keep watching and if possible counting.

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