Monday, November 06, 2006

OCT 14, 2006 was a very special day for all "Pakothians". That day we celebrated the "Sapthathi" (70th birthday) of our "Karanavar" Mohannamavan (K.L Mohana Varma, noted novelist and present Chief Editor of "Vikshanam," Malayalam daily). We also had the review meeting for the forthcoming "Book on Pakoth".
8:30 A.M, Woodlands hotel.
So much of planning had gone into organizing this event. The planning committee had three members who had done Postgraduate program in Business Administration from well reputed Business schools in India. All the family members were supposed to meet at Woodlands for breakfast at 8:30 but by the time we reached there, we saw hotel missing. There was no trace of “Woodlands”, even the billboard had been removed? After seeing this (that there is no woodlands), everybody's appetite got increased. Next destination was “Planet Yum”. When we reached there the security told us that by 11:00 only the restaurant would open. After that we went to “Malgudi” but in vain. Finally, dejected, hungry, we decided to go to RR farms, where the function was arranged.

Krishnanmmavan, (K.L Sree Krishna Das) was the first to notice, the banner showed "SAPTHADI" meaning 'seven beatings/slaps or even shocks, was breakfast the first one?

The banner that surprised everybody!!!!

Everybody was so hungry that we started eating the breads/chips and what ever we could get nearby.

Oh what was that? Mohanammavan in deep thought....

At last break fast came. Thanks to Suresh varma and Sooraj Varma. Sureshettan's expression showed everything.

Anand Varma and Suresh Varma : "Punchiri"(smiling) competition

P.K Nandana Varma, Suresh Varma, Dhananjayan, K.L Sree Krishna Das and K.L Mohana Varma, and this time sureshettan was the target!!!!!!!

Myself with the "Hero"of the day.

The pakoth family

Mementos and Mohannamavan's novels

The generation next Pakothians!!!

Chabby's (Sabareesh) skit was a super hit

All I want to tell you people................

Honey chettan (Sanal Varma), Preethi and Samthript, the youngest ‘Pakothian’ present at the function, leaving to Pondy.

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