Monday, August 28, 2006

Three hungry men, some idlys and a project.

I personally never believed or even thought that 'idlys' are or can become a delicacy. But after stepping into "Murugan idly shop" in T.Nagar,i slowly started believing that eating idly is the "most blissful affair",even if you don't feel,its been promoted like that.That's Murugan idly shop's USP,(Unique selling proposition). People patiently wait outside for 20-30 minutes to have few idlys.But whether due to the good deeds we have done in our previous life. i don't know we got the seat without much wait. "Book On Pakoth" first meeting happened in "Murugan idly shop". Babu chettan,sureshettan and myself were present, poor juju(sooraj) missed the idllys @ Murugans and the talk. Babu chettan while having his first set of idlys started the conversation. As part of his recent trip to kerala, he visited Mohananamavan also and mohananamavan gave an idea of bringing a book on family tree of Pakoth. The idea was superb and challenging We discussed about how a book on pakoth heritage could be brought,how to collect the materials, Who knows about what and how much. and what are the other possible challenges in the project. As the excitement of the discussion increased, our intake of idlys also increased. At some point of time,sureshettan( for a change) even switched to a couple of dosas. After some time we got so engrossed in the talk that we got equally confused and tired( because of the talk and idly intake)we called our mohananamavan. He gave an idea of how to kick start the project and rest is HISTORY

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