Thursday, November 23, 2006

As per Rig Veda, PARJANYA is the rain-God and if we go to ancient Mayan civilization, they have 'Chac' as the God of rain and lightning. Indra, the "King of the Gods" is a sky God. His golden chariot is the Sun. He uses his hammer to break up the clouds to make rain. On Nov 22, 2006 he did not hammer the clouds that were up there in Durban, South Africa and the Indian cricket team and millions of fans in India are upset if not angry with Indra!!!

Normally Indra helps the team. Be it in Srilanka or India, for the past some months the rain God was with Indian cricket team. Wherever our team went he was there with his hammer. As a result of his performance we have not lost many matches in the recent past (prerequisite for winning or losing a match is, as we all know the teams should play)
Even in South Africa on Nov19 he helped us. The match was abandoned due to bad weather. But on 22nd Indra took a leave and as usual the same result.

O Indra, drinker of Soma!!! Why did you leave us?? Why no rain in Durban??
Please have mercy on us!!!

Your hammer speaks louder than our cricketer’s bats!!!!

So let water flow freely!!! Because you are the only solace for us!!
Sole solace for a ‘Bluebillion!!!!

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