Friday, December 15, 2006

2006 was a year of lots of “Giris”; first it was “Gandhigiri” in Lage raho Munnabahi, a Hindi film that popularized Gandhian philosophies and now its time for another "GIRI"…..

While coming to office today morning, my wife showed me a hoarding and it was written time for “DADAGIRI”. The topic was about the return of Saurav Ganguly, fondly called “Dada”, to Indian cricket after a gap of 10 months. Now his reentry in to the team has brought some hopes among millions of cricket fans all over India. Our team is undergoing another bad phase and “Dada” has immense pressure on him.

Now according to me what “DADAGIRI” means the "killer instinct" Saurav had injected into Indian team when he was the captain and our recent performance showed that we lacked this “killer instinct”. Motivation: A hell lot of young talents blossomed under him and he had this uncanny talent of raising the performance of the team, if not his and all India would agree that our Indian cricket team badly need some motivation
Above all this he is a true “Leader” and do we have one right now?

So will “Dadagiri” work again?? Let’s wait and see!!!!

Ooo Aaaa DADA, Aaya DADA

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