Thursday, March 25, 2010

Twestival Chennai tweetup

It all started with a change of venue, Amethyst did not give permission for the tweetup. Atleast for a while all were confused if not sad.

But better things were waiting for us, the meetup happened at Cafe Coffee Day @ Lloyds Road (Avvai Shanmugam Salai) and they were super supportive, kudos to CCD crew.

Lavanya Ravishankar, who organised the very first Twestival in Chennai talked about how 6 people,that too, all from IIT Madras turned up for the event. She gave an intro on Twestival

Kiruba Shankar,he has 8 or 9 times more followers than all of the rest combined, 54,899 and counting, was supposed to talk on how twitter helps social causes.As always, he made it an unconference and shared one incident that made him realise the power of social media

Almost 25 people turned out for the event,biggest so far in Chennai's Twestival tweetups.

Ramakrishna, Co-founder & CEO Rangde shared his experience on how Rangde, through their twitter handle clarifies various queries

Yes, we indeed discussed about celebrities active in twitter and concluded that Rahul Bose tweet all by himself, but Shahrukh Khan, hmm we couldn't find out. It was a bit shocker to know that Kim Kardashian charges a fortune to tweet and David Beckham a little less! If you are excited to know more on celebrities in twitter, have a look

Good show by Thomas, Krishvenkatesh and krishnanswamy who organised the tweetup!

and The Hindu's write up about the event


Shalini Gowrisankar said...

This should have been fun :) and one of a kind event ..

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Good post sandeep. Thanks. Appreciate your efforts in linking to all twitter handles and URLs

Dorai said...

Thanks. Nice to see the pics and get a quick report.

Will also look up the tweets with the hashtag.

sandeepvarma said...

@shalini, yeah it was fun, @shri @dorai , thanks for ur comments

Anonymous said...

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